Welcome to our resupply service! We started this service out of a recognition for how difficult it is for long-distance hikers to successfully plan and execute a resupply strategy. The application is not currently optimized for mobile, for the experience please use a desktop to plan your trip.

New to Trail Supply Co.?

The smarter way to plan your resupply strategy!

Plan and visualize your entire hike and your resupply points.

Plan your trip with our comprehensive database of resupply points for the PCT, AT, and JM Trails.

Plan and create each resupply package and see critical information such as calories per box, weight, and miles between resupply points.

Once you are finished, contact us and we will source, pack, and ship all your boxes, and provide you with our unique resupply insurance.

Have questions? Want us to help you plan your hike? Click here to chat with one of our hiking guides.